Who are we?



I’m Adri van de Giessen, co-owner of the Scandic-Mediagroup. As 3D visualization specialist and video producer, I have already made several films in the context of fishing. As a keen angler sweet and salt, work , I, as a freelance writer for several magazines including Coarse Fishing Total and around the cathedral city of AUHV. I am 50 years and living in the center of the country. Besides the work for fishing, I also visualizations of infrastructure works for Rijkswaterstaat. Besides editing I deliver my particular expertise in graphics and (3D) animations.






My name is Chris Young, co-owner of the Scandic-Mediagroup. I myself am an avid angler at heart, with my preference for the child zeehengelsport.Als I became quickly captivated by the sea. Later my horizons shift to the Scandinavian countries. My first experience abroad was the Danish island of Langeland. Since then, Langeland annually on the program and after 12 fishing trips, I dared to call myself or as experienced. When film is my expertise in recording and editing. The DVD of the marine fish in Denmark is a product first hand from experienced anglers, which spared no trouble or expense to the informative character support with unique images and appealing illustrations and animations. A product we are proud.